New Jesus Is Lord 12x20" Church,Home and Garden Flag With Teal Ribbons

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Special order this Rich "Jesus Is Lord W Teal and Red/Burgendy Message Art Design. COMES IN SIZES 12"X20" Accented with beautiful Rich Rays of Glory!

Limited time only! Receive your Black curved 13" Bracket with Mount FREE, including Free Shipping!

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New King of Kings Jesus Lord of Lords Purple Gold Art Flag

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 Order Jesus  King of Kings Lord of Lords Banner or Flag. This is our Most High God's Name.Celebrate his name in your Church, Home & Garden!

FREE Black Curved Bracket with Mount Price includes free Bracket and Free Shipping!

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New IT IS WRITTEN His Loving Majesty's Banner Vinyl

Product no.: 7777

ART Religious educational Flag and Banner Decorations for Church, Home, Garden and trees are here!This Beautiful Art piece  is called "IT IS WRITTEN."  Deep rich purple  colors.

 Recieve your FREE 13" Bracked and FREE Shipping Now!

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Our Jesus Christ  inspired  these  Bible garden art decor for all of us.  Be It!  Buy It Fly It! Give it! Today! "His Loving Majesty's" Collection, "His Majesty's" Patriotic Magnets, Products.

Fly Jesus Christ Flags or Banners! And We Shall Raise a Banner Because of The Truth.
Shop our Licensed "His Majesty's"  Patriotic Magnets and Clings Decor for God & Country, Home, Tree, Gardens, and Gifts

We Touch Hearts-Jehovah God Saves Lives! Jesus Christ Is His Name!  

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Be It!  Shop It! Buy It! Fly It! Wear It, Give It!  we offer beautiful rich licensed  Art products for Church, Home, Garden and Even Tree Flags! Now Hey Kids Future T shirts. Purchase your Spiritual  Jesus Angel church Banners, flags . Shop our store  gifts @

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Touch your families and friends Life, hang the King of Kings Jesus Christ  Bibical Message Art Flag on your Patio, in your Garden, Trees, Home and Church. Know someone Military, Order your inspired patriotic gifts here for our precious Military and their families and your Circle Of Influence!

Therefore shall ye lay up My words in your heart...and bind them for a sign upon your hand. And thou shalt write them upon the door posts of thine house!"  Holy Bible Deut.11:18-20


New Inspired Licensed  "His Majesty's" Heart Felt Patriotic Dove & Yellow Ribbon Art Magnets and Clings. All our products are licensed with the heart for our military and their families, all inspired from the Holy Bible.

We Touch Hearts-God Changes Lives® Join Us!

ATTENTION: We were chosen to design the CBS Touched By An Angel"  Bible  Message Art Garden Flags !